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Existence Testing

After running thousands of tests, we discovered that most companies don’t really understand how the elements on their site are affecting their conversion rate.

To fix this problem, we created a new testing strategy called “Existence Testing” that allows us to determine how specific site or page elements influence the overall conversion rate.

To put it simply, we remove various elements of your site and send part of your traffic to the original site and part to the modified site. Then, we compare the results.

If your site performs worse without the element, then the element was helping your site. If it performs better when the element is gone, the element was hurting your site.

Using existence testing, we can identify which elements are helping you achieve your goals and which are holding you back. That information allows us to make intelligent decisions about which parts of your site to keep and which need modification to improve site performance.

In a nutshell, existence testing gives us the critical data we need to turn websites into profit machines.

What Do We Test?

One of the phenomenal things about Existence Testing is its versatility. Any element of your website can be tested. Which precise elements we start with depends on your conversion rate optimization goals, but there are 3 levels of elements we typically assess:

Testing Pages

Existence Testing pages allows us to look at how different pages contribute to the overall flow and effectiveness of the site. Many sites already do a limited form of this when they create and test landing pages, but we take things a step further and test the effects of different pages throughout the conversion funnel.

Page Elements

There are a lot of elements on a page. You might have a header, sidebar, hero shot, call-to-action, headline, informational content, social proof, product display, banner…and the list goes on. Each of these elements has an effect on your audience and—with Existence Testing—we can determine how each element is affecting your conversion rate and profitability.


Within each of the page elements, you also have a lot of sub-elements. These might be things like specific aspects of images, phrases, form fields, copy length…and, again, the list goes on. This is where we really get into the nitty gritty of Existence Testing. Existence testing sub-elements allows us to maximize the effect of contributing elements and really optimize every aspect of your site.

Taking Testing to a Whole New Level

Since inventing the technique, we’ve used Existence Testing to make millions for our clients—sometimes with a single test!

Discovering how different elements affect profit and revenue equips you with the ability to make decisions that deeply impact your business. The better you understand the interaction between your site and your audience, the better you can meet their needs and your business goals.

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